Compared to last year’s summer box office season, 2015 was an absolutely gigantic success. Blockbuster titles like Jurassic World, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Inside Out made ridiculous money while in worldwide release, and overall it was the second biggest summer season in Hollywood history. But with the good, of course, comes the bad – and there were five movies in particular that massively underperformed these past few months.

The Hollywood Reporter has crunched the numbers, an in analyzing reported budgets plus marketing costs against worldwide box office totals, they have determined the five biggest flops of the 2015 movie season. And while you may think you know what’s going to be on here, you may be surprised by some of the titles, and their order. Read on!

5. Aloha
Reported Budget: $37 million
Worldwide Box Office: $26.2 million

Cameron Crowe will forever be the guy who brought us titles like Almost Famous, Say Anything…, Jerry Maguire, and the script for Fast Times At Ridgemont High, but his career has been suffering from blow after blow these last few years. Aloha may wind up being his bottom, because while the film was just a tiny drama with a modest budget, it still wound up being a significant loser.

Aloha got poor reviews, stirred up race-related controversy, and earned a B- from CinemaScore – and all of this came together to create an expected loss of approximately $65 million for the folks at Sony and Fox. Surely nobody expected it to make the money of Jurassic World, but it still managed to crawl under the low bar that was set for it. We can only hope that Crowe finds a way to dig out of the hole in which he’s found himself.

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