The fine folks over at Harris might be best known for their polling work during the lead-up to election season, but the company actually works year round, gauging public opinion on a wide variety of issues. This week, they decided to tackle the movie industry and more specifically, why people are or are not venturing out to the theater. Like most extremely detailed reports, this one is filled with a lot of numbers and pretty obvious revelations, but upon closer examination, it’s actually overflowing with a ton of fascinating information about how our movie-going habits are collectively changing and staying the same too.

Luckily, rather than having to read all the graphics and jump to these conclusions yourself, I’ve gone through and picked out 5 fascinating little tidbits that point to larger trends. You can thank me later. In the meantime, here are the things you really need to know…

1. Safety Is Not A Concern
When asked why people stayed away from the movies, a majority pointed to concession prices, rude moviegoers and advertisements, while issues of safety wasn’t a common enough answer to even be talked about. Obviously, these responses were given long before yesterday’s texting tragedy, but they were given well after the Dark Knight Rises shooting. That means, while safety was on the forefront of people’s minds in the wake of the initial tragedy, Americans eventually settled back in and returned to one of their favorite pasttimes. The same will no doubt occur now. We could see metal detectors. We could see some slight safety alterations, but Americans, on the whole, will always feel comfortable at the theater.

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