Guardians of the Galaxy is almost here, folks! And I don't know about you, but this new trailer has got me ready for some extra crazy Marvel excitement. Ever since director James Gunn was hired to make this film his own, I've been positively geeking out over the fact that the man who's had indie success, cultivated by his early work at Troma Films, is now behind a big budget comic franchise. There are a couple of things that really hit my brain with the right signals to get me excited about this project, and if you'll all be so kind, I'll show you just why I think we're not only ready for Guardians of the Galaxy, but we're also ready for a whole new subset of comic movies.

Rocket's Ride
Rocket Adjusting His Junk Tells Us Everything
We FINALLY got to see more material from the character I know I'm most looking forward to seeing, Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon. A character that stereotypically pushes in the opposite direction as Disney animals do, he's a violent, crude, and generally unpleasant being... and I couldn't be having more fun with him. Seeing him really get into the firepower aspect of his job, as well as the little character beat where he adjusts himself in his new suit (something James Gunn was even surprised Disney let him get away with) it just made me excited for the fact that the compromise between Gunn's twisted, off kilter sensibilities are not too watered down in the family realm.

In fact, the vulgarity is probably the only thing missing in Guardians of the Galaxy, and it looks like they skirt around it perfectly in the line up scene with Star Lord flipping off the camera. I can just tell that Rocket is going to be the break out character of the bunch, and to a similar extent Groot will make himself a fan fixture as well. Like fans all over the Internet are keen on pointing out, we're in an age where making a female-centric film is a problem for DC, while Marvel is giving us a genetically altered raccoon. Step up the game, DC.

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