The 8 Greatest Guardians Of The Galaxy GIFs

We’re still reeling from last night’s Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Though we have been anticipating the footage ever since that sizzle reel at Comic-Con, the new trailer gave us a refresher course, and also whet our appetites for the deranged thrills director James Gunn has in store for us in August.

You saw the trailer, right? Watch it here first. Then comb through Eric’s in-depth analysis of the trailer, pulling out five interesting elements you might have missed. Now, you are ready to move on to what we’re calling the Greatest Hits collection of the trailer. Here are the 8 best moments from Marvel’s first Guardians footage, in glorious GIF form. Because nothing says "I love this movie" like Rocket Raccoon screaming and firing a hand cannon:

Rocket Raccoon

The trailer starts with Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) sneaking into a mysterious facility to steal a glowing orb (which Eric believes is the latest Infinity Stone). He gets caught… but doesn’t get recognized. So he’s all:


The clip exists to introduce casual comic-book readers to this team of misfits and outcasts:

The Team

And from everything that we have witnessed, Pratt is doing everything in his power to steal the show with his anarchic, charismatic personality. Would Han Solo flip off his captors? In 2014, he probably would!

Middle Finger

Before too long, the trailer becomes a montage of action. You know Gamora (Zoe Saldana) came to play:


Drax the Destroyer is ready to pummel some villains into green liquid:

Drax the Destroyer

And while I’m terrible at reading lips, I’m fairly sure Groot is yelling, "I am Groot!" in this GIF:

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

But Pratt didn’t train for months to let a CGI tree steal his thunder, so we’ll conclude our GIF sprint through the Guardians footage with the abs of the man who used to be known as the doughy shoe-shine weirdo on Parks and Rec.

Chris Pratt

What were your favorite moments in the Guardians trailer? We have picked over so many layers of the scenes Marvel chose to show us. Now we’re getting a better idea of what to expect from this "bunch of a-holes." What did you see? What did you like? And are you going to be there on opening day? Let us know below!

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