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5 Movie Characters Not Too Lame To Be For Halloween

To kick off our week of Halloween coverage, all tuned to the movie geeks we are, we're bringing you five Halloween costumes that are actually worth being this year-- the ones that not every single person at the party will have also thought of, and most of them the ones that aren't being sold in Halloween stores. Yes, that may be because one of these involves nothing more than a hoodie and a mumble, but couldn't everyone's costume use a little simplicity?

Check back later this week for more Halloween coverage, including five more costumes to absolutely not go as, some costume advice from beloved movie characters, and some ways to scare yourself silly while educating yourself, too. Only five costume-shopping and candy-buying days to go!

5. Michael Cera.

Not even Michael Cera from one of the particular movies in which he's warmed our hearts-- just Michael Cera the person, who seems to be not all that different from Paulie Bleeker, George Michael Bluth, Nick or Evan. This costume works particularly well for girls, who can pull off the baby face thing almost as well as Cera himself can.

Watch out for... Overdoing the awkward mumbling. Cera is coherent, after all, at least sometimes.

Extra credit: Getting the girl at the end of the night.

4. Irina Spalko.

Despite all the disappointments of the latest Indiana Jones movie, Cate Blanchett's role as the evil Russian Irina Spalko was one of the highlights. An army-navy supply store or a regular uniform shop should have a comparable gray jumpsuit, and that severely cropped black wig will make you feel powerful even after your fourth glass of "Monster Bash" Halloween punch.

Watch out for... making your Russian accent too good. You want to be as campy as Cate was.

Extra credit: Guns!

3. Tony Stark.

Forget Iron Man. Unless you have a giant laboratory in your basement and millions of dollars, your costume will look cheap or like you bought it off a rack like your 5-year-old nephew. Instead bust out the tuxedo, the highball glass and the wads of money, and make pithy statements while making sure everyone knows how rich you are.

Watch out for... Looking too much like James Bond. Dark hair will help here.

Extra credit: A glowing metal circle in the middle of your chest, and/or an archnemesis.

2. Wall-E.

He was the biggest deal of the summer before Batman came and stole all his thunder, but the world's cutest robot still makes a recognizable, though challenging, costume. You won't feel pressured to make small talk, since your vocabulary will be pretty limited.

Watch out for... People trying to throw away their trash in your stomach.

Extra credit: Bringing along an iPod as the love of your life, EVE.

1. Daniel Plainview.

It's just far enough behind us to not be ever-present, but still relevant enough that most people will recognize what you're going for. Plus, it's easy-- a wide-brimmed hat, a thick mustache and beige clothes pretty much pull off the look.

Watch out for.... Looking too much like Indiana Jones

Extra credit: A perfect Plainview impression saying something other than "I drink your milkshake" or "I've abandoned my child."

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