Certain movies are very popular right now. The Hunger Games series packs in crowds. Minions is a huge hit, and Jurassic World smashed box-office records. But how many films have longevity? The number decreases. How many movies from 2015 do you think we still will be talking about in 2025? Or beyond that point, even?

It was fun recently to go back and revisit the films of 2006, selecting the 10 best with the benefit of hindsight. Movies like Children of Men and The Prestige had new meanings that came with context. Looking back over the film output of 2015, these are the five movies that I believe will stand apart for years to come, and the reason I think they’ll manage to do just that. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments section below.

Ryan Coogler revives Sylvester Stallone’s legendary Rocky franchise by passing the baton to the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed, the fierce and angry Adonis (Michael B. Jordan). By transitioning Stallone to the mentor/trainer role, Creed pays tribute to the man who fought his way into the ring, and also sets the stage for more boxing dramas, possibly continuing Creed’s story.

Why it matters: Because even though Creed 2 is a rumor at this stage, the movie will be looked at as the film that gave Ryan Coogler a bigger platform for people to recognize his talents. It’s also the movie that earned him a shot at directing Marvel’s Black Panther. I also believe that a second Creed movie will happen, meaning this movie will have staying power for years to come.

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