For the past three weekends, Disney’s Zootopia has ruled the box office roost, bringing in a surprising amount of moviegoers and box office dollars. Sure, it’s one of Disney’s best films in the past decade or so, but it’s safe to assume that nobody thought the story of a rabbit and a fox cracking down on crime would be such an off season juggernaut. Which asks the question of how exactly this came to be, a question that we intend to answer five times over. Here now are the five reasons we think Zootopia has been the apex predator of the cinematic food chain.

Box Office
There’s A Lack Of Competition For Family Box Office
If The Little Prince had maintained its March 18th release date, you might have seen a bit of competition standing against Disney’s Zootopia. But with no other children’s films to speak of, and the law of diminishing returns ravaging The Divergent Series: Allegiant’s opening weekend, Zootopia has had no problem dispatching of monsters, bumbling spies, and any other upstart that’s tried to take the crown. With a film like this guaranteeing at least double the ticket money, when factoring in one parent into the equation, Zootopia couldn't help but be a hit. Though it helps that the adults are enamored with the film’s style as well.

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