This weekend, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be the second starring vehicle for the star-spangled Avenger following 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger. Of course, that doesn't leave room for the early 90's film adaptation, a dubious low-budget affair where Cap had prosthetic ears and the Red Skull was Italian. Somehow, people still wanted a movie of that: in fact, superheroes tend to get multiple opportunities onscreen to show us the goods. It's rare that a comic book adaptation doesn't get a second chance to wow us.

But sometimes, it happens. Sometimes a character with decades of history simply gets left behind after one big-screen adventure. Usually it's because the movie is something like Steel or The Spirit, a joke that no one really gets. But sometimes, a direct continuation is the carrot dangled in front of fans, the one they could never grab, because no one saw the first movie, or because the creative people in charge never saw the potential in future installments. Here are five superheroes that we'd love to see hit the screen once more and five superhero sequels we'd love to see.

Legacy: In the early nineties, Sylvester Stallone threw his weight around to turn Judge Dredd into a generic star vehicle for himself, neglecting the source material's dark humor and ultraviolence.

The Movie: All memories of Stallone's version were blown out of the water by Pete Travis and Alex Garland's claustrophobic actioner. This smaller story of the fiercest cop in Mega City One allowed a clearer focus on Karl Urban's sneering Judge Dredd, a killing machine who only sought efficiency in his goal of a crime-free city. Ultimately, it somehow made even less money than the Stallone version, despite more than a decade of inflation and 3D prices.

The Sequel: Urban and company have openly discussed a sequel, as the movie has a small but devoted cult. However, it appears the follow-up will be adapted into a standalone comic, a pity considering this world was developed by screenwriter Garland with a trilogy in mind. A straight sequel could pursue the corruption amongst Judges suggested in the earlier film, while keeping the emphasis on hard-R-rated violence and Urban's iron jaw.

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