In the wake of director Josh Trank leaving the second standalone Star Wars anthology film, we learned that the plot revolves around fan favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett, and is described as an origin story. One of the most intriguing elements about the character has always been his mystery, and his general lack of screen time and dialogue only enhanced this. George Lucas, however, pulled back the curtain a bit in the prequels, shedding light on some of his backstory (now we know what he looks like under that badass mask).

This move took some of the luster off of Boba Fett, making him an actual character rather than a kind of harrowing, monolithic evil (then again, so did that scream as he falls into the Sarlacc pit). He’ll have to be a real character to carry an entire movie—it’s hard to have a movie without one—and this is also going to indelibly alter how we look at him throughout the rest of the Star Wars saga. Whoever winds up in the director’s chair, they’re going to have to strike a balance of what drew people to the character in the first place, while portraying him as an actual person. With all of this in mind, and since this is happening whether we like it or not, we’ve put together a list of things we want from a standalone Boba Fett movie.

Don't Spend Too Much Time On His Childhood
We know this is an "origin story," but between Attack of the Clones and the subsequent Clone Wars animated series, his childhood has already been covered in enough depth that any more will likely be overkill. We know he’s the non-modified spawn of Jango Fett, who formed the genetic basis for the Republic’s manufactured Clone Army. He’s a sadistic little bastard—surprise, surprise—but what’s we want to see is more of how becomes the Boba Fett we meet in The Empire Strikes Back, the grim, sparse, damn near mute badass that’s like a sci-fi version of a stoic western character. A traumatic childhood that leads a character down a dark path has been done to death in movies, and we’ve all already seen it in this particular case, so if this has to happen, let’s move onto a time we haven’t already seen.

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