Skrulls Fantastic Four 2 villain
Disney’s Marvel universe proved aliens and outer-space sequences could lead to massive success in the superhero genre, and Fox could have their own version by taking the Fantastic Four off-Earth to do battle against the Skrulls. The team were the first to discover the alien empire in the comics, and with the movie seeing the team investigating another dimension what’s to stop them from turning their gaze upwards?

The Skrulls, too, are obsessed with conquering Earth and the race has one massively powerful being spearheading their army. KI’rt, AKA Super Skrull, has the natural shape-shifting capabilities of the Skrull race, but he also has all the powers of the Fantastic Four. Since our heroes have just gotten the hang of their abilities, pitting them against a creature with the same powers could be interesting, but Super Skrull would also make a funny nod to Johnny Storm in Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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