Spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are ahead

Despite being titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we haven’t heard much news regarding Superman recently. Most of the information that’s been released concerns his titular partner or the other superheroes that will be appearing. Fortunately, new information has just come out that assures us that this movie will still be a Man of Steel sequel, as originally intended.

Badass Digest has revealed a variety of new plot tidbits concerning Superman based off a draft of the film by screenwriter Chris Terrio handed in one month before principal photography began. Although the film starts with Batman’s origin and shows Bruce Wayne’s arrival to Metropolis during the devastating battle between Superman and Zod, it will jump ahead several years and catch us up on what Clark Kent’s life is like now and his global role as Superman. Here are the five things you need to know about the 2016 blockbuster, from addressing fan complaints to a new villain joining the mix.

5. Clark Has Moved In With Lois Lane
5. Clark Has Moved In With Lois Lane
Evidently, that kiss Clark and Lois shared before Supes fought Zod was indicative of things to come. When we reunite with them in 2016, their relationship will have progressed to the point that they are living together - and this doesn’t sound like a "two friends rooming together" kind of situation. Since Man of Steel side-stepped the Superman identity mystery and had Lois clued in on who Clark really was early on, they’ve jumped straight into the romantic side of their relationship. It may be trivial, but now I’m wondering how they divvy up the chores at their place. Maybe Superman does the cooking since he can easily warm the food up with his heat vision?

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