Last week, it was made official that Gambit would get his own movie within in the X-Men film franchise. Starring Channing Tatum as the card-throwing mutant, the solo film will be written by Robocop reboot writer Josh Zetumer and based off a treatment from Gambit creator Chris Claremont. This will be his first appearance since X-Men Origins: Wolverine, although there have been rumors of the character appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse. While this movie likely won’t feature Gambit saving the world or anything as heavy as that, it will be good to see the Ragin’ Cajun get another shot at the big screen, no matter what the adventure is.

While Gambit hasn’t had as many solo stories as Wolverine, who is the only Marvel mutant to get his own movie thus far (Deadpool is coming!), there are still plenty of material to draw from his past, whether it’s from his tenure as an X-Man or his time with the Thieves Guild. But with all of those stories will come necessary side-characters - which just about brings us up to speed. When the Gambit movie hits theaters a few years from now, these are the characters who need to show up alongside him.

Jean-Luc LeBeau
Jean-Luc LeBeau
After being abandoned by his father as a baby, Gambit was stolen from the orphanage he was dropped off at by the Thieves Guild and placed in the care of a group of street thieves called Fagan’s Mob (a nice little nod to Oliver Twist). When he was 10, Remy (Gambit’s civilian name) tried to pickpocket Jean-Luc LeBeau. What Remy didn’t know was that LeBeau was the head of the Guild. After catching the little pickpocket, Jean-Luc took the boy under his wing and adopted him. If the film explores Gambit’s childhood at all, it will need to include his adopted father, especially if the history of the Thieves’ Guild is explored in-depth.

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