Beyond talking about trailers and critiquing the films those trailers promote, writing for Cinema Blend occasionally includes reporting on a myriad of films that probably won’t ever exist. There is a palpable frustration that comes with seeing anticipated projects get abandoned by seemingly the only filmmakers who could have made the projects work. But it isn’t as if this problem only started in the Internet Age. From Hollywood’s earliest days, the best laid plans of directors and screenwriters have oft gone astray, and the amazing above video from Mental Floss singles out 55 such examples. And while it’s one of the biggest shames imaginable that Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon will never reach cinemas as its director intended, at least we never had to sit through Seriously, Dude, Where’s my Car? We dodged a bullet, people!

With his expected genial charm, John Green lays out some of the most outlandish and egregious films ever conceived, as well as the most incredible. He’s not unveiling any big secrets here, as much of what’s listed here are the directors’ white whales, but it’s still astounding hearing all of them back to back like this. Watch...

Check out a full list of all the films included in the video after the jump...

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