Concessions have long been part of the movie-going experience. Sure, they may cost an arm and a leg, but there’s something special about checking out the latest blockbuster with a bucket of popcorn in your lap. That being said, theaters are regularly looking to change things up behind the counter, and the future of this industry was recently unveiled.

The Verge got a look at a number of food products marketed for movie theaters at CinemaCon last week, and it’s certainly an interesting batch of <>snacks that you could soon be munching on at the cinema. Click your way through the next few pages, and learn what may soon be coming to a multiplex near you!

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Oreo Churros
J&J Snack Foods actually introduced Oreo Churros in November 2014, and late last year they announced that the delicious-sounding treat would starting being available for purchase in local grocery stores, but soon you may be seeing it listed next to popcorn and Raisinets on the display board at your local theater.

This product is exactly what it sounds like: the typical cinnamon-sugar flavor of the outside is replaced by Oreo chocolate, and instead of a dulce de leche filling, they instead have Oreo cream. Given that churros are a common treat at stadiums and theme parks, it seems natural that they would go well in cinemas as well, but there is one drawback to consider. If you think the floors at your local movie theater are sticky now, just wait until hundreds of patrons are purchasing sugar-covered pastries and sprinkling granules all over the place as they eat.

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