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When you get a look at an Entertainment Weekly cover boasting Catwoman and Batman in full attire, you know what comes next-- new images from inside! The official new stills haven't yet gone online from EW, but Batman News snagged some scans of photos showing off more of Catwoman's costume, Bane taking over a stock exchange, Bruce Wayne reading The Gotham Times, and Batman checking what looks like an iPad in the middle of the street. Check out four of the six new images below.

These images, unfortunately, don't actually show us much of anything new from the film-- we've seen the same images or at least similar ones in the trailers or images released so far, and Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan still seem very, very committed to keeping as much under wraps as possible. But with The Avengers premiering in Los Angeles this week and stealing all the superhero movie thunder, it's smart of the Dark Knight Rises team to get out there and basically say "Yeah, we know we don't really have to show you anything to get you excited. Just remember we're still out there and ready to blow your minds."

And the more they keep things under wraps, weirdly, the more I become convinced they can really prove it off. When your work speaks for itself, you don't go out of your way to overhype it-- and that cool and collected approach seems to be working so far for The Dark Knight Rises. We've got a lot of summer movies to get through before the next Batman adventure opens July 20, but I have a feeling no one will be forgetting about it between now and then.

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