Upon the original announcement of the film’s production, Jurassic World evoked memories of the last time we saw genetically enhanced dinosaurs roam around the cinemas. Considering Jurassic Park III had that unfortunate distinction, we were on the fence as to whether Colin Trevorrow’s sequel would be another reason to mourn the franchise, or the vindication we’d long been waiting for.

Thankfully, the film turned out to be the nostalgic thrill ride that made us gaze at the screen in wonder. In particular, there are eight moments that really made Jurassic World’s total experience something with which we fell in love.

God Creates Dinosaurs
Author, chaos expert, and a ladies man about town, Dr. Ian Malcolm has a lot of experience with dinosaurs. Enough that he’s written a book about John Hammond’s experiment in playing God, as well as the experiences he’s probably had since being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex through San Diego. It’s cool to see that while Jeff Goldblum wasn’t in Jurassic World in an acting capacity, his character is still very much alive in the mythos. And we definitely got geeky Jurassic chills when we spotted his book in the background of at least two scenes. Did you see it?

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