Jurassic World Snuck In A Sweet Nod To Jurassic Park 3

Though it wasn’t fully embraced by critics, Jurassic World premiered in theaters this past weekend and dominated the box office. So, for the most part, that means fans got a kick out of the franchise’s resurrection. Part of the fun was seeing all the small Easter eggs director and Jurassic Park lover Colin Trevorrow hid in the film. You may have pinpointed a few yourself, but there’s one reference to Jurassic Park 3 that Trevorrow thinks only diehard fans will see.

To refresh your memory, Jurassic Park 3 was all about those desperate parents who enlisted the aide of Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) in order to track down their lost son in the wilderness of Isla Sorna. In an interview with MTV, Trevorrow gave up one of his more obscure references to this movie.

When the T. Rex does appear and what she smashes through, what that is a skeleton of, it’s a spinosaurus.

You remember the spinosaurus, don’t you? It’s the gargantuan spined lizard beast that terrorizes Grant and his team. This guy!

Jurassic World Easter egg spinosaurus

The dinosaur’s portrayal in the film caused some controversy within the Jurassic Park fandom. It appeared to be stronger than the great T. Rex, which made some people scowl and is one of the reasons why the third installment is weaker than the original. According to Trevorrow, smashing through the bones of this dinosaur is worse than killing it.

The filmmaker said it was important to include Easter eggs like this in his movie. He considers himself very attuned to the fans, and wanted to do them proud in this capacity. Some other Eggs you might have noticed are Mr. DNA on the screen in the park’s main building, a statue of John Hammond, a hologram of the dilophosaurus that scares a raptor, and the original Jurassic Park t-shirt Jake Johnson wears. Though, as you can see from this video compilation, there are loads more.

Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard and returns audiences to the original island, now 22 years or so after the events of the first film. It's now a thriving and fully funcational theme park, but corporate wanted to up the ante by creating the first hybrid dinosaur in order to attract even more parkgoers. What they created was the Indominus Rex, which broke free from its cage and ravaged the entire park. This is probably not the last we'll be seeing from these characters, though. Jurassic World's box-office dominance definitely warrants a sequel, and Pratt has already signed up for more dino-driven adventures.