The 8 Most Insane Dinner For Schmucks Trailer Moments, So Far

We’ve already shown you the new Dinner for Schmucks trailer, so perhaps this post is redundant, but I couldn’t let it pass without highlighting just how completely insane this movie is. It’s not just this trailer, but the last one too. And some of it goes by so fast you may not have had time to really realize how completely mad the image you just saw was, before moving on to the next one. Watching the new Dinner for Schmucks trailer was like the first time one of your friends showed you “Two Girls, One Cup”. Your brain can’t comprehend some of what just happened, it’s too ridiculous, too foreign.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below are the eight most completely insane things found in the Dinner for Schmucks trailers… so far.

Zach Galifianakis in a cape doing some sort of Batman impression. Ok, on the Dinner for Schmucks weird scale, not so weird, but I figured we’d start slow.

In this still shot from the first Dinner trailer, Steve Carell shows off one of his hobbies. Yes, it’s a recreation of The Last Supper made out of dead mice.

This image is more subtly weird. You might think the weirdest thing here is that there’s some sort of freakishly sexualized dummy sitting at the table next to Steve Carell. You would be wrong. What’s weird is that the dummy, which is maybe the most freakish and frightening dinner companion I’ve ever seen at a table, isn’t even interesting enough to notice compared to whatever it is Rudd and Carell are gaping at off camera. What could possibly be weirder than that dummy? I'm afraid to know.

Seriously, what could possibly be weirder than this dummy? Do you think the guy has sex with it? He definitely makes out with it. There’s no way any guy goes through that much trouble to put a puppet in a low-cut dress, put makeup on it, and do its hair; unless he’s going to get laid by it later.

Well I’ve just answered my own question. This is what could possibly be weirder than the sexualized puppet dinner companion. It speaks for itself really.

I’m not sure what’s weirder, this picture of Jemaine Clement dressed like Yanni meeting a foreign leader or the fact that Steve Carell’s character thought that Nelson Mandela was Morgan Freeman. Definitely the picture. It’s an understandable mistake.

There’s a lot going on in this picture, so take a minute to drink it all in. First, you’ve just seen Jemaine Clement shaking Nelson Mandela’s hand. Now you’re looking at him with a rather convincing pair of horns in a room which, I assume, is supposed to be an approximation of hell. Weird enough. But take a look in the background. Are those live goats? And again note that the woman in the picture next to the guy with cloven hooves isn’t even interested in him, she’s more surprised by something else going on off to the side. Maybe the vulture’s at it again.

Weird enough for you? Here’s both Dinner for Schmucks trailers, in their entirety:

Josh Tyler