Super Bowl Sunday can be like Christmas morning for movie fans. During commercial breaks, movie geeks actually press their faces against television screens to drink in footage from upcoming summer blockbusters. But it’s also an opportunity for studios to educate casual moviegoers on the spectacle that’s expected to flood multiplexes in the coming months. I mean, we all know that there’s a fourth Transformers movie coming to theaters, but do you think your sports-loving neighbor has any idea? Probably not.

A number of Summer 2014 movies will sell themselves. Sequels like 22 Jump Street, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and How to Train Your Dragon 2 bring built-in audiences. These potential blockbusters,however, have a little selling to do, and Super Bowl Sunday is the ideal opportunity to fire a winning bow over the heads of ticket buyers. Here are the eight summer tentpole pictures that we think should make a splash next Sunday with an eye-popping Super Bowl advertisement. The balls are in your court, marketing-department chiefs.

The first trailer was insanely good, but it showed very little of the title monster. We heard the trademark scream, and it sent chills. But Warner’s planned Godzilla reboot lacks a bankable star (no offense, Bryan Cranston), and so they need to alert the masses that there’s a Godzilla movie on the horizon, or else this could suffer Pacific Rim-level box office numbers… good, but not great. Take the trailer you already have, edit it into a gut-punching 30-second clip, and brace everyone for May 16.

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