Aaron Paul Wants To Play Eddie Dean In Stephen King's The Dark Tower

Warner Bros.’ planned adaptation of Stephen King’s massive The Dark Tower series has stalled. Last we heard, the studio passed on an elaborate plan that would have spread King’s story across multiple feature films and a television series. But even though the project’s on the shelf, that hasn’t stopped fans in high places from speculating on the franchise’s future.

Case in point: Breaking Bad Emmy winner Aaron Paul took to Twitter last night to claim that playing reformed junkie Eddie Dean in King’s story is a “HUGE dream of mine.” Those of us who’ve read King’s story promptly had our brains melted by the mere suggestion of Paul playing Eddie. It’s so perfect a casting choice that Damon Lindelof chimed in with the Tweet, “You would be the best Eddie ever.”

And he would. Dean is a New York junkie pulled into a fantasy world by rambling gunslinger Roland of Gilead. He’s a deeply flawed but ultimately heroic character, and he’s characterized by his bravery and sarcasm. Paul would be so perfect in the role. And as Breaking Bad has proven, this powerful actor easily could hold his own alongside Russell Crowe, Javier Bardem, or any other actor cast as Roland.

Unfortunately, as far as we know, the movie isn’t happening. The budget might have been too high. Ron Howard’s vision might have been too unwieldy. But King’s Dark Tower story is so amazing, you can understand why Hollywood’s reluctant to let it go. And with casting suggestions like Paul for Eddie, now I’m refusing to let it go, as well. How about you?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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