With the holiday in the middle of the week, it’s a bit of a slow news week around here, but that doesn’t mean news isn’t coming out – especially surrounding this mysterious “Cloverfield” project everyone is so interested in. Earlier today we brought you information about their official news site and now we have a look at the mythology within the movie.

I have no idea where they got their hands on it, but filmick has gotten hold of a URL for a blog that is part of a viral advertising campaign for the movie – perfect for a film that’s been all but silent up to this point. You can find some ramblings about Ethan Haas at ethanhaaswaswrong.blogspot.com. That links to a site with the contrary viewpoint: www.ethanhaaswasright.com/. The fellows who support Haas seem to have some fancier stuff going for them, because their site is more of a game than a blog.

If you follow an extended pattern on a mysterious looking sphere, the game takes you to a grainy video of someone explaining a little bit (but not too much) about Haas’s theories. Here’s the kicker. He tells you to gather together other believers, because we only have until August 1st. So what’s happening August 1st Ethan? We don’t know. After the video you’re taken to another game piece with some rotating dials. Presumably you need to match symbols on the vertical and horizontal pieces, but I haven’t gotten far enough to make a match.

I love movies that have a mythos to them like this. It’s almost Lovecraftian in the composure of the video – the ramblings of a madman about believers and some Nostradamus type figure. Unfortunately, movies that only contain this kind of advertising don’t do well in the box office. Minimalism may be cool, but it doesn’t sell tickets.

Let’s see what August 1st brings us, as well as getting farther in the game, and of course, what looks like an interesting discussion: is Ethan Haas right or wrong?

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