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Academy Award Nominees Receive One Piece Of Advice From Oscar's Producers

It is a tradition unlike any other… actually, it’s exactly like so many others, but it's still worth noting when the group of Oscar nominees annually gather for a "team picture." This year’s was shared via Variety’s twitter feed.

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Can’t make out who is who in the group pose? Not an issue. The Academy also took to social media to share their coverage of the Nominee Lunch, a fantastic gathering of the Hollywood elite, who have been working the campaign trail for months but are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some Tweets from the Academy, covering their own event:

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Interested in a little history? The Academy has an archive of all the "Class Photos" through the years. Click here to surf that gallery.

The Academy also set up shop at the Beverly Hilton, site of the annual luncheon, and posted a slew of photos to their official Facebook page. Variety, reporting from the event, said that Oscar telecast co-producer Craig Zadan urged nominees who go on to give acceptance speeches, "Words should be spoken from your heart, not from a list." I couldn’t agree more.

The Oscars are scheduled for Sunday, March 2. We have nine Best Picture nominees, and a rotating frontrunner with each passing day. At the very least, it seems like the nominees are still having fun with the process. Why did all of these nominees feel the need to lean in and make a funny face for the Academy’s camera? These are from the Oscar gallery on Facebook. Surf the rest, and catch up with the nominees.

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