Adam Goldberg Close To A Role In Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story

We've been writing quite a bit about Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman's Linda Lovelace biopic in the last few months, but Matthew Wilder's Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story is still very much a thing. While there was plenty of drama in the beginning due to the casting of Lindsey Lohan in the title role, the movie now has Malin Akerman attached to star and quite the supporting cast, including Matt Dillon (who will play Lovelace’s pornographer husband Chuck Traynor), Paz de la Huerta (of Boardwalk Empire fame), Sasha Grey (who used to be a porn start herself and Harold Perrineau (who will be playing Sammy Davis Jr.). Now the film is close to adding yet another player to its ranks.

Adam Goldberg, best known for roles in movies like Saving Private Ryan and Dazed and Confused, is now in final negotiations for a part in the film, according to Variety. The trade doesn't say what role Goldberg would play should he be cast in the film. In addition to serving as director, Wilder also wrote the script, which is based on "Ordeal: An Autobiography," the book written by Lovelace and published in 1980. In the book, Lovelace, who was born Linda Susan Boreman, told the story of how Chuck Traynor forced her into the pornography business. Production on the film is scheduled to start next month in Louisiana.

You know, it's funny how the movie industry works. This year we are seeing two separate adaptations of Snow White, a fairy tale told to children every night as they go to bed. Next year we'll get two separate projects about a woman who had the innate ability to take dongs down her throat. It's like poetry.

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