Adam Sandler Admits He Chooses Projects Based On Where He'd Like to Vacation

It has been a long running joke that Adam Sandler has been planning his films around vacations that he wants to take. Even in our in-house review of Blended, Sandler has been called out for using studio budgets to subsidize his desires to travel to exotic places, hang out with his friends, or be married to [insert name of ridiculously attractive actress here]. In short, Adam Sandler has been making the most expensive series of fake home movies since Cloverfield, and he's never been called out on it. At least, not until his last visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Fittingly, The Onion's A.V. Club was the site to run with the story buried in an innocuous looking clip entitled Adam Sandler On Room Service In Africa. While that was eventually the main thrust of the clip, the opening set up what should have really been the focus of the moment:

Jimmy Kimmel: Are you at a point where you go – when you decide to make a film – you say "I want to make this film somewhere where I can be on vacation...Adam Sandler: Yes.Jimmy Kimmel: ...Like Africa, for instance.

Without even letting Kimmel finish his spiel, Adam Sandler just flat out confirmed that since 50 First Dates (a favorite romantic comedy among Cinema Blend staffers), he's been encouraging writers to set their films in places where he can add on to his souvenir t-shirt collection. Although, knowing Mr. Sandler's comedic stylings like we do, it's a better guess to venture that he has a series of photographs involving him peeing his pants in front of various landmarks. He's a regular Miles Davis, that Adam Sandler.

Of course actors are more predisposed to take certain roles over others because they involve an element of wish fulfillment. I won't lie, if I had a chance to go somewhere I've never been in exchange for acting in a movie, I'd greatly consider that opportunity. But if what Adam Sandler is saying is to be believed, he's literally setting these films in various locales regardless of how they effect the plot. In fact, it wouldn't be surprised if the locations were mentioned in the same pitch meeting that the ideas are crafted in. Which means only one thing... Awesome-O is back, and he's got himself an upgrade!

Blended is in theaters this weekend, and I dare you to go see it. After you've seen X-Men: Days of Future Past. And Godzilla. Not to mention Neighbors is still playing. Come to think of it, if you guys want to get creative, you can start listing the movies you'd rather see over Blended. After all, the studios won't stop sending Adam Sandler on vacation, until you let them know you've had enough. For those of you looking forward to the dramatic, Reign Over Me Adam Sandler's return, Men Women And Children will hopefully be serving up some prime cut Sandler sometime this Fall.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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