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Right now I have so little affection for Adam Sandler that he almost single-handedly ruined what was otherwise one of the best parts of the Oscars-- the montage of respected actors talking about why they make movies and which movies they love, and then Sandler in a track jacket looking like he'd just woken up. As the new record holder for Razzie nominations in a single year, Sandler has pretty much nowhere to go but up, but I'm not all that optimistic about it given the new trailer for his next film, That's My Boy. Despite the promising presence of Andy Samberg, who has actually spent the last few years being funny, this is looking like another opportunity for a screeching Sandler to take over and wreck the whole thing. See what I mean by watching below.

In theory I like the idea of Sandler and Samberg coming together as father and son, two generations of SNL butting heads. But Samberg is such a non-presence in this trailer, playing the general stuck-up guy who Sandler has to pull out of his rut-- it's an unfunny role Sandler himself played in Jack and Jill, but this time he just gets to be the male version of Jill, while Samberg stands in the background and looks offended. And though presumably the story will end with Samberg's character realizing the importance of both family and married life, this trailer seems to be all about teaching him how to be a "real" man like his dad-- which means being irresponsible, drunk, obnoxious, and completely oblivious to the needs of others. I swear it's not just because I'm a girl that I see Leighton Meester looking at her ruined wedding dress and have nothing but sympathy for her putting up with these assholes.

The one ray of hope? David Wain and Ken Marino did a rewrite on the script, which allows the potential for there to be a lot of humor in what looks like a dreadful premise. I hope as much as anyone that Adam Sandler still has a good performance left in him, but watching something like this, which seems to bow down to all of his worst impulses, I don't know if this will be it. We can all find out for ourselves when That's My Boy opens June 15.

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