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Nominees for the 32nd Annual Razzie Awards were just announced, with Adam Sandler setting a new record for the most nominations ever accrued by an individual in one year. Um, congratulations?

Thanks to his participation in Just Go With It, Jack & Jill and Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star (which he helped produce), Sandler scored 11 Razzie nominations including Worst Picture and Worst Actor. The grand total more than doubles Eddie Murphy’s previous record for most Razzie noms in a single year. (The comedian earned 5 in 2007, the year he released Norbit.)

Sandler’s Jill “cleaned up” with 12 total Razzie nominations, including Worst Picture, Worst Supporting Actress (for Katie Holmes) and Worst Actress (which goes to Sandler in drag). God, I hope he wins that award, and shows up in person to collect.

Jill will “compete” for the Worst Picture Razzie against Bucky Larson; Garry Marshall’s dreadful ensemble comedy New Year’s Eve; Michael Bay’s summer blockbuster Transformers: Dark of the Moon; and the latest Twilight soap opera, Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

In a change of pace from previous years, this year’s Razzie “winners” will be honored during a ceremony held on April Fool’s Day-- they previously handed out the prizes the day before the Oscars. Click here for a full list of Razzie nominees, and best of luck to this year’s contenders. May you all have the courage to show up and collect your trophies. Particularly if you are Sandler, and can show up in a dress.

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