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Last summer the relationship between Universal and Hasbro began to deteriorate. While the studio did produce an action movie directed by Peter Berg based on the board game Battleship (due out this summer), they also dropped a number of projects, including the Ouija Board movie and a Clue remake (not to mention that they almost killed the Battleship movie too). Apparently another project that Universal killed within the Hasbro deal was Candyland, but now Adam Sandler and Sony Pictures have picked that one up.

According to THR, Sandler and Robert Smigel will be re-writing the project, which will also be made under the Happy Madison banner. When it was over at Universal, Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, who wrote Kung Fu Panda 2, were working on the script, however, it seems as though they are starting from scratch now that the project has switched studios (though Kevin Lima, who is best known for directing Enchanted, is still attached to direct).

The project is actually the second former Universal/Hasbro movie to be picked up this week, as yesterday it was announced that Relativity Media has picked up the Stretch Armstrong movie. As though the writing wasn't already on the wall, the trade also says that the four-year contract between the toy makers and the film studio has been terminated. The original plan was to make at least four movies based on Hasbro products, however, that obviously never happened. The deal was spurred by Paramount's success with the Transformers franchise. Now we just have to pray that Sandler and Smigel can come up with something better than what Happy Madison has been producing over the last decade.

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