Addison Timlin Replaces Lily Collins For Odd Thomas

Last week it was reported that The Blind Side star Lily Collins was in line to join Odd Thomas, the Dean Koontz adaptation starring Star Treker Anton Yelchin. Then, later that same week, Collins landed the lead role as Snow White in Tarsem’s adaptation of the fairy tale, and honestly who could turn that down.

So with the female lead role in Odd Thomas open, Variety has it that 19-year-old actress Addison Timlin has stepped in to fill the void. Unfortunately for her, the character’s name is Stormy Llewellyn and she’ll have to be referred to as such for the duration of the shoot, but starring in a Dean Koontz adaptation with Anton Yelchin in the lead will certainly get her name out there. She recently enjoyed a six-episode run on Showtime’s Californication as David Duchovny’s love interest, so it’s safe to say that we’ll probably be hearing a lot more about her as her career moves forward.