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Advertising Prestige

Contrary to popular belief, director Christopher Nolan's next movie is not a sequel to Batman Begins. He'll get around to that eventually, but right now he's busy finishing up a magician battle movie starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman called The Prestige. No, that's not the one with Paul Giamatti. That's The Illusionist. I know, I keep confusing them too.

We haven't seen much from The Prestige yet, since the movie doesn't hit theaters until October. But Entertainment Tonight recently debuted the first trailer from the film, and as always it's been ported over to the internet for those of us with better things to do than fight through ET's stale celeb news. If you're interested, just watch it below:

Look for Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale to take their rivalry to the big screen in limited release October 27th.