Have you been terrified by Taylor Lautner today? Odds are you haven't, unless you staged a home viewing of his 2011 non-hit Abduction or stared at the Blu-Ray cover of Breaking Dawn Part 2 and tried not to look into his eyes. But prepare yourself, as Lautner has arrived as one of three new character posters from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. They made it online as part of a "Coven Search," in which Twilight fan sites helped unlock the posters, but I'm going to save you the trouble and just give you the three of them below. Click on them for the larger versions in our Blend Film Database.

I can't decide which one of them is scaring me most as they stare at me and say, mentally, "FOREVER." Does Edward want me to be a vampire like him and live forever? Is Bella telling me how much she wants to be with Edward forever and making sure I back the hell off? Is Jacob doing that thing he does to Bella in the movies, where he's all "You don't know what you want!" even though she tells him over and over again that she wants Edward? Alright, I'm definitely the most scared of Jacob, and I'm a little nervous about running into this poster in my local movie theater.

We have many months to go before Breaking Dawn - Part 2 opens on November 16 this year, so prepare to be terrified by Taylor Lautner many times between now and then. But hey, on the upside, this is the last Twilight movie, so your nightmares will only be full of shirtless werewolves for a short time, if you take the long view.

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