Whether or not you felt that The Dark Knight Rises couldn't quite live up to the months (no, make that years) of hype that led up to it, we can all agree that the film's marketing campaign was one of its best parts. The series of teaser trailers and posters doled out carefully in the first half of 2012 kept fan anticipation stoked, and promised yet another film from Christopher Nolan that was grander and darker than the average superhero saga, with poster designs that emphasized Batman's fall from grace at the end of the last film.

While there's already a huge amount of posters out there from the film's release this July, three new ones-- that were never actually used in the campaign-- have just emerged online from Trailer Park, the marketing company that created the posters on behalf of Warner Bros. With the film soon to arrived on DVD and Blu-ray on December 4, now seems like the right time to get them a look, so check them out below and on the next page.

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