We’re getting dangerously close to the non-scientific moment where Sony has shown us too much of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Not that there won’t be more than a few major surprises left to screen when the movie opens in a few months. But we’re learning things about the characters in the films – via these new featurettes – that casual audience members might not have wanted to know. Like the fact that Aunt May (Sally Field) is hiding valuable secrets. And Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) is planning a trip.

"Lights, Camera, Action" is a new featurette tied to Webb’s sequel (and shared by ComicBookMovie) that dives into – you guessed it – the action scenes in the film. The focus falls on the massive car chase staged between Paul Giamati’s Russian gangster, the NYPD, and Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield). I loved the crowd reaction shot when Spidey grabs a passing vehicle, hitching a ride. The tech guys are on hand to tell us that these are actual trucks driving over actual police cars. Even Giamatti says he expected far more green screen than Webb eventually went with. "Andrew was really on the front of the truck a lot of the time," the actor says. And why not, right? If you are going to earn the right to put on the suit, you might as well take it for a "joy ride" and enjoy the perks.

The second featurette goes by "The Price of Being a Hero," and recycles some of the car chase footage but analyzes Spider-Man 2 from a different angle – the love story between Peter and Gwen. More important, the forbidden love story, as Capt. Stacy made Peter promise that he’d leave Gwen alone. Parker doesn’t, and that leads to a Denis Leary cameo (if you look closely). Watch that clip here:

Couple these features with that lengthy "Enemies Unite" sizzle reel that ran after the Super Bowl TV spot for Spidey 2 and you begin to understand my concern. Those of us who have been playing very close attention to all of the clips might begin to feel like we are seeing too much of the film. Now, there’s nothing quite like seeing it all together in one master cut. And there are elements we still need to see, such as the role Felicity Jones plays, and how Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) factors into this narrative. But Sony is showing its cards, for better or for worse.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2.

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