The Amazing Spider-Man's Special Effects Revealed In Three Featurettes

The Amazing-Spider Man has been getting a love it or hate it critical response, but regardless of whether it's good or bad it's still doing amazing business. Too bad the web-slinger only has one more weekend before the biggest blockbuster of the summer (The Avengers opened before June 21, learn your solstices) cramps its style at the box-office. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters the week after next, and while shooting much of the action 'in-camera' was the mandate for that production, Marc Webb used a very different approach when crafting The Amazing-Spider Man. To be fair, the Marvel superhero is quite different than the DC detective (and in more ways than just the superpowers), so in many cases the Sony Pictures film simply had no other option. The studio just released these three featurettes to showcase the amount of special effects work that went into The Amazing-Spider Man.

The first video describes the process behind making the 100% digitally created high school fight scene between The Lizard and Spider-Man. Yes, 100% of the sequences was created on a computer. No actors, no photography. The featurette is narrated by Imageworks' Sr. Visual Effects Supervisor Jerome Chen.

The second video is also about the creation of a fight between Spider-Man and The Lizard, this time talking us underground to reveal the special effects involved in the sewer battle. The sewer sequence was especially difficult because of the water and, once again, parts of the scene were completely digital. This video is narrated by Chen & Digital Effects Supervisor David Smith.

The final featurette is focussed on how the visual effects team worked tirelessly to ensure that not only all of the iconic Spidey poses were created but that the movements between them were fluid, balletic and believable. Narrated by Additional Animation Supervisor David Schaub, the video also gives some information on how the Imageworks team designed many of the digital environments.

[Videos via Screenslam.]

The Amazing-Spider Man is currently in theaters. It was directed by Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary. Read Katey's review here.