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Hot off their win at the Golden Globes for Transparent, Amazon is now looking to expand their talents to the big screen. The Amazon Studios arm of the everything-you-could-possibly-need retailer first started distributing original programing in November 2013, and now after a series of TV shows, the studio is moving towards film, and will produce and acquire original movies for theatrical release along with Amazon Prime Instant Video availability.

The massive conglomerate announced today that they would be embarking on this new project. The theatrically released films will be released on Amazon Prime Instant Video just four to eight weeks after the movie's debut. Roy Price, Vice President of Amazon Studios made the announcement (via Coming Soon) stating:
"We look forward to expanding our production efforts into feature films. Our goal is to create close to twelve movies a year with production starting later this year. Not only will we bring Prime Instant Video customers exciting, unique, and exclusive films soon after a movie’s theatrical run, but we hope this program will also benefit filmmakers, who too often struggle to mount fresh and daring stories that deserve an audience."

The project will be lead by Independent film producer Ted Hope, who will serve as Amazon Original Movies’ creative director. Hope is well known for co-founding the production company Good Machine, which has produced many notable films, including Academy Award nominated features such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Eat Drink Man Woman.

It’s not too surprising of a move considering Amazon Studios’ goal to produce unique and ‘daring’ shows. At the Golden Globes, Transparent took home two awards, one for Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy, and the other for Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy. The win was especially notable for its dedication to the transgender community, who is often not portrayed on screen as a leading theme, and as in the realistic nature that the Amazon Studios’ series strives to show. It received acclaim not only from the critics, but also an incredible number of fans who believe the show raises the bar for programming in it’s sincerity and and impressive sophistication.

Hope, as creative director of the project wholeheartedly agrees that Amazon is setting higher standards. He said in the released statement:
"Audiences already recognize that Amazon has raised the bar with productions in the episodic realm, tackling bold material in unique ways and collaborating with top talent, both established and emerging. To help carry the torch into the feature film world for such an innovative company is a tremendous opportunity and responsibility. Amazon Original Movies will be synonymous with films that amaze, excite, and move our fans, wherever customers watch. I am incredibly thrilled to be part of this."

And the prospect is just as thrilling for fans alike. Not only can we expect some intriguing and unique stories brought to life, but in a whole new way of watching. There is the option of going to the theaters, yes. And seeing some of these films on the big screen will be well worth the ticket. But, in case going to the movies isn’t for you. Amazon will have that picture available online in no time. No more waiting endless months for it to go on DVD. In just four to eight weeks, it’ll show up on Prime, and you can see it while it is probably still in theaters. Plus, Amazon Studios is promising 12 films a year. That’s a movie a month! Watch out Netflix, you've got some serious competition.

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