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"The success of this product depends on people being shallow, superficial, self-obsessed, greedy, and desperate for attention. This is American Dream in a fucking can." This is the pitch that Shiloh Fernandez's Scat delivers to sell his brainchild—a new kind of soda—to potential investors. And just like that, the teaser for Syrup is off and running with a shrewdly satirical tone that looks to skewer not only contemporary corporate America, but also sexual politics and the very concept of celebrity.

Based on the novel by Max Barry, this dark comedy follows Scat, a slacker who believes his bubbly brainchild is his ticket to fame, fortune and all the power both bring. But this greedy dreamer suffers a rude awakening when his old college pal Sneaky Pete (Twilight's Kellan Lutz) steals his concept's copyright. His only support in his quest to reclaim the success he believes is his due is the smoking hot yet icy Coca-Cola executive 6, played by The Playboy Club's Amber Heard.

We've heard little about Syrup since Heard and Fernandez signed on to the flick in the spring of 2011. The film's release hasn't yet secured a domestic release date, but an early cut of its teaser has leaked online, spurring Barry, who co-wrote the screenplay with writer-director Aram Rappaport, to post a "better quality" version of the unofficial trailer. Check it out below:

Fernandez just oozes slime ball swagger in this teaser, making Heard's no-nonsense bombshell all the more sharply realized by contrast. And even though I am totally unclear on what role Brittany Snow has here—she's credited as Three for what it's worth—her fearless and slightly feral performance in The Vicious Kind has me solidly in her fanbase. Could the slick style shown here couple with some sizzling performances from a quartet of rising stars make Rappaport's third feature the one that will finally attract him major notice? We'll see…eventually.

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