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A recent viewing of Goon nearly made me forget that Seann William Scott initially grabbed our attention by playing the especially douchy Steve Stifler in the American Pie movies. Goon’s Doug Glatt may be somewhat quick with a jab and hard-headed enough to take more than a few punches on the ice, but at his core, the character is as nice as a guy can get. Stifler? Not so much.

As a character, Stifler was sort of on the fringes of the group. While Jim, Oz, Kevin and Finch were kind of a foursome, Stifler seemed painted as the friend they tolerated in exchange for the parties and other events he hosted. He also happened to deliver some of the more memorable lines in the films, thanks to being an insensitive hornball with one thing on his mind and virtually no verbal filter. In anticipation of American Reunion, and in the vein of the “Shit Girls Say” videos (and the seemingly endless copy-cat videos that followed), the cast of American Pie gathered for this video, which celebrates some classic Stifler lines...

Nothing like a bit of Stifler nostalgia to whet our appetites for the Reunion.

You can rent Goon to see how far Seann William Scott’s come since his Stifler days. As for Stifler, based on the trailers for American Reunion, he’s pretty much the same guy, which probably isn't such a bad thing.

American Reunion arrives in theaters on April 6th. More information, photos and videos for the film can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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