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Though I miss her Junebug days, the Amy Adams appeal had to catch on eventually. She caught fire last year in Enchanted, and now she's set to star in a big romantic comedy from Spyglass titled Leap Year. Amy Adams could be the next Meg Ryan. Ohhh, how long we’ve been waiting.

HR reports that Adams will be the romantic lead in Leap Year, which was written by the team behind the copycat rom com moneymaker of last summer, Made of Honor. The movie will follow Adams through a set of trials she must endure in order to propose to her boyfriend. The movie is based around the Irish tradition that if a woman asks a man to marry her on the last day in February on a leap year, then he has to say yes.

The movie sounds cute, but only because Amy Adams will be in it. Without her, it sounds like an extremely typical romantic comedy plot. How many rom coms does one country need? I mean honestly, in this economy? Romantic comedies should be the first thing. Besides, Amy Adams getting sucked into the Meg Ryan vortex troubles me. It’s because movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding make lots of money that new movies like Made of Honor get produced. Aren’t all romantic comedy plots really just recycles of other romantic comedy plots, anyway? Isn’t it all just one vicious cycle? Don’t sign on Amy Adams! Don’t become the next Meg Ryan!

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