Angela Bassett Talks About Playing Dr. Amanda Waller In Green Lantern

In the DC Comics world, Dr. Amanda Waller is a pretty cool character. Known as both an antiheroine and a straight-up villain, she pulls tons of strings in the comic book universe involving superheros despite not having any powers herself. This summer, in the blockbuster Green Lantern, the character will finally be making her live-action debut, and will be played by Angela Bassett. But while Green Lantern doesn't come about until June, Bassett does have a movie coming out next month called Jumping the Broom and while talking with members of the press about the new movie this afternoon I took the opportunity to ask about the part.

"Well, I’m not 300 pounds," Bassett started, referring to the way that the character is drawn in the comics, where she's nicknamed The Wall. Asking about her portrayal of the character in the Martin Campbell-directed movie, she said that she's actually "not heavily involved in the first movie," but does hope that she will develop more in the sequels. That said, in describing the character she nailed more than a few traits, saying that she has "That intellectual, that bright, that no-nonsense, that means business [personality]. [She's] getting it done and in the trenches nothing fazes her."

Much like how Colonel Nick Fury exists in multiple storylines with multiple characters in the Marvel Universe, Dr. Amanda Waller has associated with not only Green Lantern, but with the rest of the Justice League as well. Should Warner Bros. be trying to build up to a Justice League movie with continuity from other films, Angela Bassett could end up playing a huge part. The first step towards that begins when Green Lantern hits theaters on June 17. For more on the film, be sure to check out our Blend Film Database.

Eric Eisenberg
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