She may be pregnant, but Angelina Jolie isn’t ready to stop sinning. In fact, she may pop up in Robert Rodriguez next morally bankrupt film, the sequel to Sin City.

If she does, it’d be absolutely perfect casting. Baby or no, Jolie’s sultry, wild persona is a perfect fit in Frank Miller’s dark, sex-soaked, noir world. Director Robert Rodriguez must agree, since AICN reports that he’s actively pursuing Angie to appear in his next film, Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For.

Jolie has reportedly talked with Robert about the part already. Should she sign up, she’d likely play the role of Ava, a sexy, sultry mermaid who ditches Clive Owen’s Converse wearing Dwight for a wealthy husband only to show back up on his doorstep a few years later to seduce him.

Much of Sin City’s original cast is already returning for the sequel. Rosario Dawson, Clive Owen, Michael Madsen, and Mickey Rourke are all expected to be back for the sequel. The sequel, will of course be based on another of Frank Miller’s “Sin City” graphic novels. As the film’s title suggests, this time they’re adapting “A Dame to Kill For”.

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