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Angelina Jolie has been making even more headlines than usual lately as she prepares to make her screenwriting and directing debut with a romance story set during the Bosnian War. But she's still a working actress, after all, so even as she prepares to spend some time in Sarajevo, she's got a potential new starring role in the works. According to Deadline she'll be teaming back up with GK Films, the producers of her Bosnian film, for Unforgiven, which is not a remake of the Clint Eastwood Western, sadly, but an adaptation of a 2009 British miniseries.

Jolie will play a woman rejoining society after spending 15 years in prison for murdering two policemen who tried to evict her family. At least two people think she hasn't repented enough, though-- the sons of one of he victims who target her for a revenge campaign. The screenplay is being written specifically for Jolie by Christopher McQuarrie, who also wrote The Tourist, which stars Jolie and Johnny Depp and hits theaters in December.

Jolie isn't guaranteed to take the role, but it sounds right up her alley-- Changeling with a dash of Salt-- and he's as big a star as ever thanks to Salt's box office success. In an interview with The Telegraph the woman who played the role originally, Suranne Jones, described an intense period of research to play the morally ambiguous character-- again, right up Jolie's alley. It may be a while before she gets around to making it, but it's hard to see them making this film without Jolie now.

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