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Anna Faris is lining up a new project. We’ve learned from friends involved in the production that she’s being courted for a new horror/comedy called Burn Off.

The movie is about Peter Hansen, a fitness obsessed man whose once thin wife has gotten fat. To help them both achieve the perfect weight, he begins using a diet drink called “Burn Off” which doesn’t work as advertised. The user loses weight, but also his mind. The drink turns Peter into a sadistic murderer who keeps his wife a locked in the basement. No confirmation on what part Anna would play, but it seems likely that she’ll end up imprisoned downstairs.

At one point Larry Cohen was to direct, but we hear that they’re hoping to get Rob Zombie to helm it. He’s never done comedy before, but the man has a rapidly growing reputation as a horror director with a psychotic edge. Can he be funny? We may find out.

If they’re able to get Faris as their lead, she’ll join a cast already composed of Tony Todd, Elizabeth Berkley, and Jason Mewes. Robert A Trezza, Mark Daponte wrote the script, and they're planning a $25 million shoot in Mexico once they get everything locked in.