Anna Paquin Will Play Rogue In X-Men Again On One Condition

Rogue has long been a fan favorite character in the X-Men canon, but the truth is that the mutant heroine hasn't really had the opportunity to do very much on the big screen. Played by Anna Paquin in the original X-Men trilogy as well as X-Men: Days of Future Past, she got plenty of chances to mope and be a disgruntled teen with unfortunate powers, but she didn't really ever get into the action and fight the forces of evil. Evidently, Paquin herself has noticed this, and as a result her one requirement for ever getting back into the X-Men franchise is that she has to be allowed to fly and kick ass.

This revelation was made by the Oscar-winning actress herself, who recently took to her personal Twitter to answer a fan's question. Asked if she would ever be up for playing the role of Rogue once again, Paquin explained,

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By itself, one could see this as just being an off-the-cuff remark/joke, but it was in a follow-up Tweet that Anna Paquin made herself very clear about what it would take to get her to do an X-Men movie again:

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Fans of the movie version of Rogue know that her mutant ability is that she can touch a person and absorb their powers, but there was a time in the comics that Rogue was able to fly. This is because at one point she fully absorbed the gifts of the original Ms. Marvel a.k.a. Carol Danvers (a process that also gave Rogue enhanced strength and speed, immunity from poisons and other powers). If the X-Men movies were to try and give Rogue these extra abilities, however, they would have to find an alternative "origin story," as Ms. Marvel is a character that belongs to Marvel Studios and therefore can't be used by 20th Century Fox.

Whether or not we will actually ever get to see Anna Paquin in another X-Men movie is unknown at this point, though it really would be nice if the franchise could right its past wrongs by bringing her back in a more kick-ass capacity. After all, they're in the process of trying to do that with Cyclops, and fair is fair.

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