Anne Of Green Gables Gets A Prequel

If you’ve never heard of Anne of Green Gables, then you probably don’t have a mother or a sister. The outrageously long, estrogen-powered TV miniseries was e a staple in my house growing up, and back in the late 80s and early 90s our worn out, recorded off the TV, VHS copies of it were circulated among every female friend anyone in my family had until they simply fell apart from overuse. Well get out your VCRs ladies, because Anne is coming back, this time as a new movie.

Anne of Green Gables, in its many different incarnations, is about a spunky, imaginative, red-headed girl who moves to a small farm called Avonlea on picturesc Prince Edward Island. The Globe and Mail says that Kevin Sullivan, who made three Green Gables movies and produced the TV series, has written a new story called Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning. The story follows Anne before she comes to Avonlea, which makes this sort of like her Phantom Menace, minus Jar Jar. Well at least I hope they minus Jar Jar.

Word is that Sullivan is out combing the talent pool of Canada for a young actress to play Anne. He’s also looking on YouTube. So if you want a shot at being watched over and over again by middle-aged and not-so-middle-aged women, then throw something on video and post it. Kevin Sullivan is watching.