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Anne Hathaway's Science-Fiction Comedy, The Shower, Sounds Hysterical

The last time we saw Anne Hathaway, she was exploring the outer depths of time and space alongside Matthew McConaughey in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Between now and next May, we'll have also seen her in the dramedy The Intern, as well as Disney's fantasy sequel Alice Through The Looking Glass, further showcasing her range. Yet, if you threw all three of those films in a blender, they'd only get you about three quarters of the way to what you'd expect from the latest film she's negotiating to be part of, The Shower.

What's in that missing fourth of the recipe you might be asking? Three words say it all: vicious, male aliens. The Wrap reports that Hathaway has secured the duties as one of The Shower's lead cast members, as well as a producer on the film. The film's production cycle is in extremely early days, considering that there's no studio or other actors on board, but the project has a particularly powerful ace up its sleeve. The script, written by Jac Schaeffer, was not only an entry on Franklin Leonard's prestigious Black List, it was also the subject of a particularly successful live read.

Reading through The Shower's brief synopsis, it's not hard to see why this script practically slayed a live audience this past June at L.A.'s Montalban Theater. The script takes place during a run-of-the-mill baby shower, which turns into a fight for the fate of the planet. In humanity's corner are the women who were attending the baby shower, while those who would end the species' earthly reign are filled by the ranks of men who were transformed by a meteor shower's unforeseen consequences. To sum it all up with another blender analogy, think of Night Of The Comet mixed in with Bridesmaids, The Watch and Knocked Up. You can actually read a sample of the script here, courtesy of The Black List.

While most other projects in the same position of The Shower find themselves treading water until another actor and/or director signs on, the casting of Anne Hathaway is a pretty strong credit to the film's development muscle. Also, considering the live read included such female comedic luminaries as Community's Gillian Jacobs, Brooklyn Nine Nine's Chelsea Peretti, and Bob's Burgers' Kristen Schaal, you can see how the strength of the material attracted real talent. Considering two of the three actors we've just mentioned are part of Fox sitcoms, we'd like to think that if the stars aligned perfectly, this project would find a home at that very studio.

With no set start date, or release date, in mind - The Shower is currently waiting for more guests to RSVP to the party. Considering how hungry the film market is for female-driven product, as well as the pedigree of the script's logline, it won't surprise us to see this project landing a full crew and distributor by the end of the year - barring any disasters.

Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes

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