Anonymous Oscar Winner Takes Pictures To Tease Leonardo DiCaprio About Never Winning

Leonardo DiCaprio has crafted an impressive number of truly amazing performances over the course of his career - but one milestone he's never been able to reach is getting his own Oscar. The guy has seen four of his turns nominated for the award, and it seems as though he regularly takes on roles specifically meant to play towards the Academy's tastes, but he still remains without a golden statue to call his own. It's a pretty harsh burn after all these years, but adding insult to injury is the fact that an actual Oscar winner has been kind of rubbing DiCaprio's lack of wins in the actor's face recently:


The image above comes from an Imgur user fittingly named "iHasanOscar," and it was actually two months ago that they first posted this shot - riffing on an edited screenshot from The Wolf of Wall Street featuring Margot Robbie replaced by a roughly Photoshopped Oscar statue. The anonymous Academy Award winner made his own version of the post by holding his personal prize over the screen... but the mockery didn't stop there:


Two days ago, "iHasanOscar" returned to Imgur with the brand new Leonardo DiCaprio burn you see above - this time the prize-winning photographer using Sam Mendes' Revolutionary Road for a bit of inspiration. It's worth mentioning that Revolutionary Road wasn't one of the movies that DiCaprio was previously nominated for (unlike The Wolf of Wall Street), but that doesn't make this image any less funny.

The identity of this anonymous Oscar winner is being kept a mystery for now - but the comments section on the image hosting site has put up a candidate for consideration. According to users, Australian filmmaker Adam Elliot - who won Best Animated Short Film in 2004 for his movie Harvie Krumpet - is a possible choice, given that he has been known to use the website and does have his own statue. Whether or not the identity of the anonymous person will ever be revealed is unknown.

In addition to Wolf Of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio was previosuly nominated for Blood Diamond, The Aviator, and What's Eating Gilbert Grape, but he's still waiting for his time to take the stage at the Academy Awards. Perhaps his upcoming performance in Alejandro González Iñárritu's The Revenant will be the one that finally gets him the gold.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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