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Because some great ideas never go out of style, Walt Disney Pictures is going to make another talking animals movie. The live action film, South of the Border, will be directed by Raja Gosnell says The Hollywood Reporter. Although you’ve never heard of Raja, he has directed movies that you have heard of, including the awful Yours, Mine and Ours remake, the terrible Big Momma’s House, and the excruciating Scooby-Doo. Suddenly, I don’t have a good feeling about this talking animal movie.

The plot doesn’t make me feel any better. Chloe, a Chihuahua from Beverly Hills, is arrogant and rich. She goes on vacation to Mexico (presumably with her owner) and gets lost. She then must find her way home. Something tells me Cheech Marin will be involved, but that’s pure speculation on my part. Unless it happens, in which case, it’s a scoop.

The script was written Analisa Labianco. She doesn’t seem to have anything produced, but I’m sure she’s a very nice person. These fish out of water stories are a dime a dozen and talking animal movies are getting that way also. Still, the kiddos seem to like them. Please, for the love of Thor, don’t give Whoopie Goldberg a voice role. Thank you.

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