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Multiple features documenting the search and assassination of Osama Bin Laden continue to work their way onto the industry’s radar. And while Kathryn Bigelow’s as-yet-untitled military thriller probably holds the title of highest-profile project thanks to the involvement of The Hurt Locker collaborators Bigelow and Mark Boal, another intriguing effort has been tossed onto the growing pile.

Code Name Geronimo will be directed by Into the Blue director John Stockwell. Variety, which broke the story, says screenwriter Kendall Lampkin’s plot follows the small band of Navy SEALS who infiltrated Bin Laden’s Pakistanian compound and eliminated the world’s most-wanted criminal. “Geronimo” reportedly was Bin Laden’s code name, and the movie will better explore the lives of the men who came together to accomplish their historic mission.

As was anticipated once Bin Laden was killed, several film efforts attempting to capture the secretive mission are racing to theaters. In addition to Bigelow and Stockwell’s efforts, Peter Berg is developing an Afghanistan-based story about a Taliban attack, and Christopher McQuarrie’s circling a multimedia project that would center on the heroics of the Navy SEALS. I have little doubt that U.S. audiences will come out to support these developing projects, just on sheer patriotism, alone.

Geronimo, however, has me intrigued for another reason. Stockwell hasn’t handled much action on screen, and military maneuvers are completely absent from his resume, which includes several beach- and ocean-themed efforts like Dark Tide, Turistas and Blue Crush. We know he’s capable of filming Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth in their bikinis. But can he follow an elite squad of Navy SEALS into battle? We’ll find out soon enough.

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