Ant-Man's Fight Scene With Falcon Is Online, Watch It Now

It was a carefully guarded secret. Then, it showed up in a few of the early commercials. Now, the fantastic Ant-Man fight scene between Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Sam Wilson, aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie), can be seen online. As in, right here. (Spoilers, obviously, if you still haven’t seen Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man.)

JoBlo has a streaming version of the mighty Marvel fight scene with Japanese dubbing, as the summer blockbuster finally prepares to open in the market. The clip begins with Scott Lang (Rudd) landing on the roof of "the target building," which he doesn’t yet know is the Avengers training facility that we saw at the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Because Captain America (Chris Evans) is likely off tracking his former friend Bucky (Sebastian Stan), Falcon is behind and keeping watch over the headquarters. He detects a "breach," which is really just Scott trying to infiltrate the building to steal a piece of tech. What follows is a fun and exciting fight that suggests just how Ant-Man’s skills can be used by the Avengers in upcoming Phase 3 films.

It’s funny how Paul Rudd’s delivery of "I’m Ant-Man" was an important part of the marketing campaign leading up to the U.S. release of Ant-Man, but we didn’t know who he was speaking with until the movie screened. They even included shots of Yellowjacket in a daytime setting to make you think that Rudd was speaking with his new arch-nemesis. But as it turns out, he was addressing Falcon in the above scene, and Marvel tried to keep a lid on that spoiler for as long as possible.

Japanese audiences aren’t quite so lucky. By now, Marvel probably figures that so much has been written about the Falcon scene that it’d be nearly impossible – and actually foolish – to continue trying to keep the cat in the bag. So they are letting everyone watch it, in its entirety.

That’s not to say Ant-Man doesn’t still have some secrets to protect. There are two end-credits sequences that we’ve written about at length on the site, and if you haven’t yet seen the film, they point toward a few important directions for the characters that you meet on screen in this film. One suggests a heroic role for Evangeline Lilly’s character, Hope van Dyne. And the other connects Ant-Man with Captain America: Civil War, which will be in theaters next summer. I’m sure as we get closer to the DVD release of Peyton Reed’s summer hit, those scenes also will make their way online. For today, it’s all Falcon, all the time. Check it out.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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