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Ant-Man And The Wasp Has The Best Response To R-Rated Superhero Controversy

While superhero movies have been all the rage for years, just in the last couple of weeks it feels like the entire landscape has changed. Following the box-office-shattering success of Deadpool, we’ve seen news that Wolverine 3 is also aiming for an R-rating, and that the Blu-Ray release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will also include an R-rated version. There’s simply no way Marvel Studios can ignore this trend. This has led Ant-Man director Peyton Reed to take the obvious next step in the superhero rating arms race.

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This can mean only one thing. Insect sex. Lots, and lots, of insect sex.

Ant-Man’s unapologetic sense of humor was one of the things that we loved about his origin film, which makes Peyton Reed one of the best people to respond to the current wave of attention. If Deadpool wasn’t a success in spite of its R-rating, but rather because of it, then why not up the ante and go for a completely adult affair. Let’s turn Ant-Man and the Wasp into a bloodbath. We’re not quite sure how to make microscopic superheroes violently murder people, but let’s make it happen. It’s what the audience demands.

While it’s been specifically stated that the plan to release Wolverine 3 as an R-rated film was in place long before the release of Deadpool, we have to assume the promotion of that fact happening now was not a coincidence. In addition, the same news coming about the Blu-Ray release of a movie that hasn’t even hit theaters yet, seems like an oddly early time to inform people of this fact. While we loved Deadpool as much as the next movie fans, and have no problem with more comic book movies going for a more adult audience, the whole thing does seem to be getting a bit out of hand. If this trend continues, there’s really only one place it can end, as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 director James Gunn points out.

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Wow, shit just got dark.

Is the R-rated comic book movie a phase, or will it become the new normal as studios continue to look for new ways to get the edge on their competition? Also, how would you make an NC-17 rated Ant-Man and the Wasp work? Speculate below.

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