Wolverine 3 May Have Just Confirmed Two Huge Details

The end of an era is coming. Hugh Jackman will soon hang up his Wolverine claws and call it quits on the X-Men universe, and we have to say that has us downright devastated. Luckily there’s still some good news on the matter. New rumors have begun to swirl that the final outing for the fan favorite character will go places the fans have always wanted to see.

A new report from Den of Geek! indicates that Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the adamantium clawed X-Man will indeed shoot for an R-rating from the MPAA, and take inspiration from the iconic Marvel story Old Man Logan. The forces behind the film seem to have listened to the fans; months ago Hugh Jackman opened up a dialogue with his fans on social media to see exactly what they wanted out of his final outing as the character. Overwhelmingly people indicated that they wanted to see Wolverine really get his hands bloody with an R-rating, and for the story to be based on Old Man Logan – rather than retreading well worn Weapon X territory.

Old Man Logan takes place in a dystopian future where various super villains have taken control of the United States, and Logan has retired from being an X-Men. All of his former teammates have been killed, and the guilt over their deaths prevents him from ever popping out his claws or donning the persona of The Wolverine ever again. As far as graphic novels go, Old Man Logan is as violent as it is iconic, and the R-rating would pretty much be completely necessary in order to properly capture the spirit of the source material.

It’s worth noting that just because the film will reportedly take inspiration from Old Man Logan, that doesn’t mean that we can expect a true adaptation. Old Man Logan is a story that features numerous iconic Marvel characters such as Hawkeye, Hulk, and Red Skull. Due to the fact that Marvel Studios owns these characters – and it seems unlikely that some sort of Spider-Man deal will be reached with Wolverine – the odds of them showing up seem slim to none. The story could center upon an elderly Logan navigating his way through a dystopian future, but the movie will need to make some drastic changes.

You definitely have Wade Wilson to thank for this awesome news. While Wolverine 3 may still have gone for an R-rating regardless, the fact that Deadpool has become such a smash hit during its first week at the box office has shown FOX that R-rated characters – particularly ones filmed on smaller budgets – can yield massive box office results.

Wolverine’s the best there is at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice. With so little time left to enjoy Hugh Jackman’s version of the iconic clawed X-Man, our hopes are high that he and director James Mangold will completely knock the character’s final solo film out of the park.

We will bring you the latest and greatest Wolverine news as it becomes available to us.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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